Term Paper

Planning a Term Paper

To write an effective term paper, proper planning can play important role. In order to plan how to carry out term paper writing, one can easily formulate different stages of term paper writing. These stages of term paper writing can be as follows:

  • Selection of an area of interest for term paper researching
  • Concentration and focus on any one specific aspect of the area of interest
  • Determine aims and establish objectives for your term paper
  • Design a research question that is related to your selected area of interest
  • Develop hypothesis reflecting anticipated results of the term paper
  • Create an outline for the future research of term paper
  • Search, choose, and assess the relevant sources
  • Note down key points during the reading of sources
  • Choose appropriate method for researching and for collecting data

Area of interest may refer to topic that is likely to benefit you in future. It may also include the topic, which is interesting for you and related to your field. Being narrow and specific is important because wide and broad area sounds vague that is difficult to interpret for readers. Once topic is determined, next action should be developing the aims and objective along with question and hypothesis. Creating an outline is essential because it helps in mind mapping. It also guides the researcher to estimate and evaluate what to write in the term paper. Before writing term paper, it is good to search and collect material. During the basic searching, noting down key points serve in writing good term paper. Method for conducting term paper research can also be done before writing term paper.